Eye Tracking Skills – smooth and accurate eye movement while scanning across a printed page in a book (related to skipping and re-reading)

Eye Movement Skills – ability to 1) hold the eyes steady, and 2) accurately move the eyes to the desired next location (shifting attention appropriately)

Eye Focusing Abilities – change of focus from far to near and back again (for copying information from the board)

Eye Teaming Skills – how well the eyes work together as a synchronized team (to converge for proper eye alignment for reading)

Binocular Vision Skills – blending visual images from both eyes into a single, three-dimensional image

Visual Processing Speed – ability to perform a visual task in an acceptable timeframe

Visual Perceptual Skills – identify and understand what they see, judge its importance, and associate it with previous visual memories

Visual-Motor Integration – high level eye-hand coordination proficiency, important not only for sports, but also for legible handwriting and the ability to efficiently copy written information