For over 10 years, Dr. Raber and Dr. Schrock have helped struggling readers and victims of traumatic brain injuries see clearly, read fluidly, and live more fully. Vision therapy builds visual skills so school and daily life can be successful.

Vision Therapy guides you through non-invasive physical therapy techniques to improve vision and resolve visual issues. 

Both children and adults can suffer from visual problems that interfere with daily life. Cornerstone Vision Development Center provides medically-proven, custom designed vision therapy solutions for individuals who suffer from blurred vision, easily fatigued eyes, headaches, eye strain, and other vision issues. 

If you suffer from... 

Tired Eyes          Headaches        Trouble Reading            Eye Strain           Blurred/Double Vision 

Vision Therapy Can Help. 

To learn more about our vision therapy services call or email us!

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""It has greatly helped my headaches. I don't get nearly as many headaches and I feel better, too.""
  • ""I think that vision therapy has helped me a lot. I am more interested in reading and like to read for a longer time. My homework is also a lot easier. I can do it in less time and do not feel so frustrated when I am doing homework. I also have better grades in most subjects.""
  • ""My reading speed has increased and I finish my homework in less time. I don't feel so tired.""