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All athletes need strong vision to perform their best. Professional and amateur athletes have discovered that they need to train their vision like they train their ball skills. Local high school athletes to NBA MVP, Stephen Curry, have discovered the power of vision therapy in winning championships and achieving your best.

Sports vision therapy trains the visual abilities of an athlete for success in their sport.  Our therapy will improve eye-hand coordination, dynamic visual acuity, tracking, focusing, visual reaction time, and peripheral vision. We design a training program around your needs, especially designed for your sport. 

We would love to work with you or your team. Contact our staff about testing and vision training.

What is sport vision therapy like?

Sport Vision Training

We start with a sports-focused visual assessment. Sports vision testing helps athletes determine how well their eyes perform. 

These tests go beyond standard eye tests that only evaluate the ability to see letters and objects clearly on a standard eye chart. Sports vision testing can be beneficial for assessing athletic abilities associated with hand-eye coordination, eye tracking, and depth perception.

Next, we develop a tailored vision training program for your needs and goals. You will work one-on-one with our trained vision therapists and learn exercises to continue your training out of the office. 

Train like the professionals. Train your eyes and brain to reach your full potential. 

We train visual skills  for athletic success. 

Dynamic Visual Acuity – the ability to see objects clearly that are in motion.

Eye Tracking – the ability to “keep your eye on the ball.”

Focusing – the ability to change focus from one object to another quickly and clearly.

Peripheral Awareness – being able to see things out of the corner of your eye.

Depth Perception – the ability to quickly and accurately judge the distance and speed of objects.

Eye-Hand or Eye-Body Coordination – the ability to use our eyes to direct the movements of our hands/body.

Reaction Time – how quickly you perceive an anticipated visual event and how quickly you can react to that stimulus.

Balance – the ability to stay upright or stay in control of body movement. Vision and balance are directly related.

Contrast Sensitivity – the ability to distinguish between an object and its background.

Sports Vision Therapy

Athletic performance is not only enhanced in the gym; it also requires excellent visual processing speed and hand-eye coordination. We can help you or your team see better & react faster so you can perform at a higher level. 

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Sports Vision testing and therapy and training in stark county

Our comprehensive assessment can  identify key visual skills to train and improve. We want to help you see better so you can perform better. 

We will test for eye health, acuity (ability to focus at a distance) , convergence (ability to  turn eyes together), eye pursuits/saccades (eye movement ability), accommodation (ability to make vision clear), and visual processing (the connection between the visual system and the brain).  

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""It has greatly helped my headaches. I don't get nearly as many headaches and I feel better, too.""
  • ""I think that vision therapy has helped me a lot. I am more interested in reading and like to read for a longer time. My homework is also a lot easier. I can do it in less time and do not feel so frustrated when I am doing homework. I also have better grades in most subjects.""
  • ""My reading speed has increased and I finish my homework in less time. I don't feel so tired.""