Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is key to reading, writing, and learning

Understanding Vision Therapy 

Good vision is more than seeing "20/20".  Just because a person can see letters from twenty feet away, doesn’t mean they can use their eyes with the coordination, ease, and proper control  required for most everyday challenges - like reading, school work, computer work, and sports!

Visual skills are learned. We can teach you.  We train your ability to move your eyes together, clear images better, and process visual information more efficiently. Life gets better after vision therapy - reading, computer work, and everyday visual activities become easier and faster. 

Vision therapy makes your eyes work easier & your brain and eyes work together better. 

Vision therapy has been proven effective for common vision disorders like convergence insufficiency, amblyopia, and visual-processing disorder. Symptoms from these disorders can make life uncomfortable and learning seem impossible. Once visual skills are developed and learned, life becomes easier and you have the skills forever.

We improve your function visual skills  (e.g., eye tracking, teaming, focusing, visual processing) in office with our trained therapists using proven therapy techniques and at-home with fun and engaging activities. Your vision therapy is prescribed and monitored by our experienced optometrists.   

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 Your child succeeding in school.             Your child reading for fun.             No more homework fights.

  No more headaches, eye strain, fatigue.           Recovering lost vision and balance.         

Vision Therapy can help you or your child SEE THE FUTURE YOU WANT

Vision Therapy Success

See Better.     Read Better.     Live Better.

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""It has greatly helped my headaches. I don't get nearly as many headaches and I feel better, too.""
  • ""I think that vision therapy has helped me a lot. I am more interested in reading and like to read for a longer time. My homework is also a lot easier. I can do it in less time and do not feel so frustrated when I am doing homework. I also have better grades in most subjects.""
  • ""My reading speed has increased and I finish my homework in less time. I don't feel so tired.""