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Vision Therapy improve reading and learning, Canton, Ohio

Vision - The Hidden Learning Disability

Good readers NEED good eye sight. Reading is a complex skill, but all good readers start with good visual skills to accurately see and process the visual information from the page.

When children have trouble reading, parents and teachers need to discover the root of the problem. One of the most common and most overlooked reading problems is a child's visual skills. 1-in-4 students have a vision-related learning problem that interfere with reading and learning. 

Many students who are struggling to read because of a  visual-related learning problem, may pass their school screening! Typical eye exams or school screenings only test for 20/20 acuity or "the ability to see objects far away". However, reading requires the use of over 17 other visual  skills! 

Over 80% of classroom is estimated to be visual. Some children diagnosed with ADHD and other learning disorders may simply have a visual disorder that makes school frustrating, reading uncomfortable, and concentrating difficult.   Don't let your child struggle to learn because of a hidden vision problem. Contact us and learn more about testing and vision therapy.                         

Good readers needs all of the following visual skills:

Reading Problems - Help in Canton Ohio, Kidron Ohio

Visual acuity  -  Seeing at clear at distance

Visual fixation  -  Ability to sustain look at one point

Accommodation -  Ability to make images clear

Binocular fusion  -  Ability to connect image from both eyes

Convergence   -  Ability to point both eyes at the same place

Eye Tracking  -   Ability to move eyes across page or follow a target

Visual Processing  - Ability to connect visual input from eyes to the brain

If reading and learning are difficult.  Take our Visual Symptoms Quiz

Vision Therapy can change your life, reading ability, and school success.

Visual processing disorder treatment in Stark and Wayne County

Vision is tied to everything we do. Reading, computer work, sports, and classroom learning are all visual activities. If eye are not working together or if the brain and eyes are not functioning correctly, learning and work can seem impossible and frustrating. 

Strong vision and visual-learning skills improves our ability to read, spell, organize, and succeed in the classroom. Vision therapy trains lagging visual and thinking skills with proven techniques to make seeing easier, clearer, and less fatiguing so you or your child can learn and perform to their potential. 

Vision therapy works. Dr. Raber and Dr. Shrock have see vision therapy help their children and hundreds of other children over the past 10 years. Skills learned in vision therapy last a life time and influence all aspect of learning and life. 

Invest in your child's future. Contact us about starting vision therapy.

Vision and Reading testing Canton and Kidron Ohio

Schedule Your Full Vision Exam 

Our comprehensive exam can reveal the hidden vision problems behind frequent headaches, reading/writing struggles, and blurred or double vision. We want to help you see better so you can live better. 

We will test for eye health, acuity (ability to focus at a distance) , convergence (ability to  turn eyes together), eye pursuits/saccades (eye movement ability), accommodation (ability to make vision clear), and visual processing (the connection between the visual system and the brain).  

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Thanks to Dr. Raber, I am now in the National Honor Society
    at my school. Before vision therapy, reading was very hard and studying for school was not enjoyable."