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Kerra's Graduation!

Eye muscle surgery can provide a cosmetic outcome, however vision therapy can provide a higher level of functioning as the brain is given the opportunity to use the eyes together. You have 2 eyes but they are designed to work as one smoothly efficient team. Read More

Kolton's Graduation!

Kolton is now reading faster AND skipping less words when reading. He has less letter reversals. He has better memory of what he has read. His headaches have been eliminated. Read More

Brooke's Graduation!

Primitive reflexes and eye turns affect quality of life and coordination, and can be improved through vision therapy. Read More

Jaycob's Graduation!

Exotropia is a symptom of overall brain organization, and eye turns can be affected through vision therapy training. Read More

Sara's Graduation!

Sara's tired eyes, blurred vision, and struggles with math all improved through her vision therapy program.  She was diagnosed with oculomotor dysfunction (trouble moving her eyes accurately) and accommodative spasm Read More

Zach's Graduation!

Zachary's main concerns were difficulty with reading and school work.  Academically, Zach is in the gifted program at school.  However, he wanted to read and complete assignments faster.  By the Read More

Mitch's Graduation!

Success story from vision therapy for patient with ADHD and Autism Read More

Meigan's Graduation!

Meigan and her family came to Cornerstone concerned about her frequent headaches, eyestrain, and trouble with mixing letters and numbers. Her small eye turn "esotropia" and inability to sustain clarity "accomodative insufficiency" were both greatly improved through vision therapy. By week 24, she was noted to be asymptomatic-- eyestrain vanquished! She noted improved visual recall, more ease in understanding school work and in parking her car and driving! We certainly miss Meigan's sweet spirit in office, but are so proud of the work she put in to experience such great triumphs! Read More

Logan's Graduation Excerpt!

Logan had a number of struggles including trouble with reading and comprehension. He also struggled with controlling some foundational gross- and fine-motor movements. Read More

Camdyn's Graduation Excerpt!

In addition to his reported symptoms, our findings included problems in eye movements, in accommodation (focus control), and convergence (eye teaming control). He also tested positive for several foundational movements, also known as primitive reflexes. Read More

Things Your Eyes DO! An Introduction to Visual Skills

Visual skills are developed over time, like learning to ride a bike or play the piano. When they don’t develop typically, or if you have a hard time teaming your eyes at certain distances, they can hold you back. Read More

Ella's Graduation Excerpt!

Ella was one of the most high-achieving patients we’ve had the pleasure of coaching. She is part of a demographic in which scholastic achievement is of no concern. Becoming highly “myopic/nearsighted,” however, was on our radar. Read More

Emma's Graduation Excerpt!

Emma started her 6-month program with a condition called “convergence insufficiency,” meaning her eyes couldn’t work together for looking up close, as well as blurred vision due to an accommodative (eye focusing) problem. Through a lot of perseverance (her changes happened all at once about 5 months into the program!), Emma has moved from disliking reading, skipping words and lines, and regular eye strain to being symptom free! Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 26 posts


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