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Things Your Eyes DO! An Introduction to Visual Skills

Visual skills are developed over time, like learning to ride a bike or play the piano. When they don’t develop typically, or if you have a hard time teaming your eyes at certain distances, they can hold you back. Read More

Kaege's Graduation Excerpt!

Kaege’s main diagnosis was amblyopia, or lazy eye. In his case, although his “student” eye doesn’t turn (that’s strabismus, a sometimes-separate diagnosis), it doesn’t see as clearly as his dominant eye. A lot of times, for someone with amblyopia, both eyes have trouble moving and focusing accurately, too. Read More

Eye Movements 101: Fixation

Accurate fixations married with a good dose of peripheral awareness are key components of an expanse of tasks. Here are three examples you might relate to: In reading, “chunking” words into phrases. In sports, the ability to notice who is open while dribbling down the field/ court. In driving, glancing at the rearview mirror without losing track of the road. Fixation is also the key foundation for other visual skills. Smooth, slow motions-- pursuits-- and quick eye jumps-- saccades-- are both built on one’s ability to control how his/ her eye is pointed. Read More

Viewing 1 - 4 out of 4 posts