Kerra, your kindred spirit and genuine love of learning is simply inspirational to us.  We hope your story will inspire others!

We originally met Kerra several years ago when her mother noticed an eye turning inward. They considered eye muscle surgery but after researching all their options, they chose the non-surgical route with vision therapy. Eye muscle surgery can provide a cosmetic outcome, however vision therapy can provide a higher level of functioning as the brain is given the opportunity to use the eyes together. You have 2 eyes but they are designed to work as one smoothly efficient team. 

Our treatment plan focused on developing Kerra's functional vision skills to help her eyes conquer everyday tasks.

Kerra's initial plan (at age 5) benefitted her with improved coordination and control of larger eye movements.  However, in 4th grade, she returned to refine those oculomotor skills as words got smaller and lines got closer together on the page.  Kerra had started losing her place more often and becoming frustrated with the effort it took to keep up her stellar school performance.

Both Kerra and her mom expressed pleasure with her improved reading speed, accuracy, and overall confidence in school work after vision therapy.  We're pleased that her functional skills for tracking nearpoint tasks is much improved.

Congratulations, young lady!  We appreciate the sunshine you bring to all that surround you.