Eye Turns and Vision Therapy
Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to introduce this joyous new graduate of vision therapy!  Jaycob entered our office one year ago with undeniable exuberance and captured our hearts.  His main visual struggle was in using his eyes together, as he was diagnosed with alternating exotropia.  Exotropia is a kind of Strabismus, which is commonly referred to as an eye turn.

A lot of times, as with Jaycob, an eye turn can be seen as a symptom of how a person has organized their overall body movements.  Not only is it difficult to move the fine motor muscles in your eyes, but balance, coordination, and gross motor movements tend to be difficult for your brain to organize, as well.

In the beginning, it was common to hear Jaycob say "I can't" before trying therapy activities, or to avoid near work all together.  As he gained control of his body's movements and mastered eye-teaming, though, his progress shot through the roof.

Not only did Jaycob start to pick up books on his own a few months into therapy, he also started advancing in his Karate classes.  He achieved the "most improved" award from his teacher, and more than doubled his reading speed.  In addition, Jaycob's mother marked 27 improvements on our final checklist.

How incredible this year-long journey has been with this family.  Although a bittersweet graduation, we know you are set to achieve whatever you aim for in your future, Jaycob!  Congratulations from your team at CVDC.